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Mario Creepypasta: Vengeful Yoshi’s

Hi, my name is Chris or that’s what friends and family call me and I currently live in Germany. After a long pulling and pushing, I decided to write and share this story. I write it as warning, a warning to the world to treat your Yoshi nicely because Yoshi’s are vengeful monsters and you might be next. But first, read my advice. Maybe then you will think twice, before abandoning your Yoshi into a bottomless pit or lava or another deathtrap. You might be next and this could maybe save you.

Now for the start of the story. It happened two years ago, which is 2013 by the time I’m writing this. I’m an old dog in regards of Nintendo. I was already around and playing, when the NES first arrived in Europe. Back then I was about 7. Since then I saw much. But even an old dog like me, can still learn things from something, I thought I know off all. “Yoshi’s are vengeful demons”, can’t say it often enough.

So now, one day in the summer some old classmates I was on mixed terms with, because they liked to play pranks on me, invited me to a gaming weekend in a forest hut. It supposedly stood in a high up forest, approximately three hours from my hometown away. The region is a famous tourist spot. Don’t know if it still stands or if the wood gulped it down too though. Despite their pranks in school, we came along well. So I though, since I had some free time, I could take their offer. After all, we haven’t seen each other for year’s … and I will never see them again… though then, I just thought “Why not”. The organizer promised me an exotic collection of classic games and evergreens, stored up there. The place was owned by a relative who had vanished a while back. At that point I should have known, doesn’t this just sound like your typical cliché horror movie. But even so, who would think something like this happens in real life. So the weekend was set.

We all had small luggage, since it was just three days and most stuff one would need was already there. His uncle used it frequently for holidays. So we met at our old school and were picked up by his mother with their minivan. After she dropped us six, including me off there, we still had a hike of about 15-20 minutes to do, before we would reach the hut. Since the weather was nice and the air fresh, just like it is in high mountain forests, it was a nice thing to do. We, especially me, could use a bit of a workout anyway, more so with a weekend of gaming lying ahead. However, if we’re out this far in the boons, where would electricity come from? I asked my mate about this.

“So, how are we supposed to have energy for the consoles to play, batteries can only last so long.”

He answered me proud.

“The house is totally green, energy wise. It uses solar cells, a water wheel and a small home generator. It even has a wind reactor. Something always works there.”

“Okay… but I still kinda doubt it works for our heavy electricity usage there.”
Another friend barked in. He is an all nature guy.

“And if not, this place is pretty good for hiking. It will work wonders. Believe me.”

The path was relatively light and we reached our destination without problems. The hut was nice and had a good “vacation” feel on it. Even with a still intact garden and stuff. But who needs this “all healthy” vegetables if you have pizza, ramen, coke, chips, energy drinks, mountain dew and all this shiz. Of course, with the additional space in our luggage, we brought our own favorites as well though we were told he already stocked up the hut. There was a nice clear creek next to the house and the wheel spun like nothing. Birds sang there song and the trees caused a nice echo. It seemed to become the good weekend that was promised. When we entered the moss green hut, I nearly fell over a lose root. Not too uncommon for a slowly abandoned hut.

After showing us the house Mathew hyped the ultimate gaming paradise being next up, behind this closed door. The house was nice and simple furnished but everything necessary was available. It even had a small cellar and a second floor. With four small rooms a floor not much though. Of course this “Gamer’s Paradise” was in the one room cellar. Big enough for it, it seemed. And indeed, when he unlocked the door, I saw everything a gamer would wish for. A microwave, a pizza oven and a water heater for the instant food was in the corner, next to the fridge with cold drinks in it. On the sides, cupboards and vitrines with many gamer trophies like rare cartridges, figurines and special editions were there. I was tempted to break it down and flee with a few jewels in there. The room was surprisingly big, even bigger than the ground floor but you could see, it was added after the building. There was also another door further in. First though, many newer consoles and TV’s were already hooked and ready to play. However old dogs we were, we asked if he also has some old consoles.

”The high-end stuff is nice but I hoped for some good ol’ Nintendo and Sega consoles…”
“Do not fear, the Mat is here. Look beyond this door and be vary to not lose your eyesight from the old, shining glory of the gaming past.”

He led us to the backdoor and opened it. In there, many old classics I thought wouldn’t exist anymore, besides in the hands of a museum or a crazy rich collector. NES, SNES, N64, Sega; SG-1000, Master System, Genesis, Game Gear… and all this other rare stuff, games and consoles not even released in Europe. It really was kind of heavenly and too good to take out and play, but eventually we did. We had so much fun; you wouldn’t believe it and it even worked all the time.

“Ahhh, retro heaven. Now I can die in peace…”

Metaphorically not literal and my pals thought so too…

Well, we all had a jolly good time, diving into good memories of our childhood. Eventually all fell asleep. Well, all besides me. Everyone knows, in situations like this, you don’t want to fall asleep as the first, especially if your friends like to prank. Of course this happened to one after another. You can imagine yourself. Then, I was the last one up and all the caffeine and alcohol, I normally avoid, I had intus, caused me to twitch like I was hit with a shock. So I digged through the pile of SNES games to find either Mario World or Yoshi’s Island. You know, I love Yoshi’s. I adore them. In fact, I adore Yoshi’s so much I rather jump of the cliff with Mario then abandoning just one into a bottomless pit or a lava stream. This time, this almost obsessed adoration may have saved my life.

Well, searching the games I found a faded cartridge. All I could see was something like a Yoshi though barely recognizable so it either was SMW or Yoshi’s Island, that’s at least what I figured. I put it in and started the game. Upon starting up it was a bit glitched but nothing a professional blowing the cartridges couldn’t fix. It turned out to be SMW 2 as Yoshi’s island is also called. I couldn’t remember if or how it was written back then, so I wouldn’t suspect that something was wrong, when the Title only said Super Mario World 2, over the whole space. Now I know better. Even if I had known, I probably just had concluded, it was some rare special cartridge or beta or so, considering the treasures I’ve seen that day. Well, all save files where stuck on World 5 but I didn’t bother deleting to start anew; instead, I wanted to try, getting 100% in this game for the first time. I always had a few things I hadn’t discovered in my prime (World 3 was the last I 100% as a child) or I just couldn’t make it through with 30 Starman. I checked through the worlds but it mostly had it already. It was a bit of a bummer but I didn’t mind. I just finished the rest, which I was able to now and after, tackled world 6. World 6 was a bit strange. Strange in a way that enemies or tiles were pixel-glitched. There were some weird pictures like holes in the middle of an enemy or skeletal tiles where they don’t belong but ok, it didn’t disrupt the gamingability of it. I made it through but the points, where Kamek was supposed to be, where empty. I called myself lucky glitched and ventured towards the baby Bowser fight. Then the biggest weirdness started. The usual four doors were all placed next to each other, on a flat, slightly crumbled ground. This wasn’t in my memory but okay, I took it as a memory flaw. Sometimes I have a bad memory after all. Venturing through the doors, elements from SMW 1 appeared in it and mixed with SMW 2 parts. I also encounter a few SMW enemies like the Eerie, skeletal Rexes, Rhinos zombified and Dry Bones. I still played through. It didn’t matter to me or the alcohol just made me not care. However, I did need to go through all four doors one after another, not the usual, where you can just go through 4 and close in to Bowser. Then the Kamek hex scrolling section was all colorless, deceased, crumbling and planted with Skulls. The boss door was rusted open and in what the sleeping room was, I only saw ruins and two skulls that looked like Bowser and Kamek. The back was open so I could just walk and jump through the stage, as it looks when giga-baby-Bowser shot down some ground. The sound was only lonely wind and the jumping or fluttering SFX. Normally the ending should play by now but I just could go on walking. There was no baby Luigi or stork, just an open end to walk through. The course was cleared and the castle exploded but it left behind a black hole in the magma lake instead of a flag.

The Bonus level for 100% came up but was just labeled “?” showing a black nothingness the minigame didn’t. I could still enter it and my curiosity caused me to do so. A scene came where Yoshi walks into the black on the world map. Then it faded and I started at the end of the Bowser fight with a big hole in front of me. The pant-crap-screamer wasn’t atop the green Yoshi though it was on all the game, it seemed a little too white and ghostly a sprite. I couldn’t control anything. Yoshi just walked into the hole and started falling. All I heard was the Yoshi falling cry, just echoing louder like in a church hall.

In the room I was, something started to rustle as well. It was just my mates, I told to myself. I couldn’t get myself up to leave Yoshi falling. It hurt me seeing it. I pressed buttons like a crazy monkey but nothing responded. The fall continued. Sometime after text popped up. It was written in the games title fond just in black and purple and said;


Blood stained eyes appeared as the text vanished. While I kept falling they stood on screen and they followed my every move. It crept me out to no end. I was clued on the ground through fear. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t, for some reason I couldn’t. Then another text appeared, accompanied by a freaking scary Yoshi shriek.

“Look at all the deaths and suffering you selfishly cause, just to keep an extra life for your incompetence, as if you hadn’t enough already and still gain more.”

I couldn’t believe this. I answered reactive.

“But I always cherish my Yoshi’s.”

No answer came back, just the eyes that became invisible for now. I finally saw ground below my Yoshi and tried to flutter like I wanted to prevent an impact. One screen later, there where piles of broken and mashed flat Yoshi skeletons, some with yellow, others with red eyes and all looked towards me, followed me. A rattling bone orchestra sounded and the Yoshi I used to control, landed atop the bones and slowly turned to the screen. Everything went black again and the eyes re-embarked, this time though, one was yellow the other red. The head was a half rotten Yoshi skull with dark burns and it still focused me. Then suddenly, it slowly came in my direction, became bigger. It wasn’t a 3D TV. Bone chilling it whispered.

“Have a taste of our suffering!”

It shocked me like a jumps-scare, which it changed to as it came out the screen. I repulsed back and landed my head on the table edge. I lost consciousness after I believe. The bad trip that followed can only mean that.

Suddenly I saw myself as Mario. Everywhere floated different colored and horrible deranged Yoshi heads. They spun like a wheelie rainbow and closed in. Then they left me space and it repeated itself a few times. After, I felt heat. Heat, I never felt before. It burned me for a moment and I saw dead Yoshi’s falling, no raining down. They burned alive in the lava before me. I saw plenty of catastrophes through the TV shows but this was so intense and so painful in a heart stabbing way. If you ever saw a human burning alive, this was many times worse and I felt like I would combust in flames as well. Then everything went black again. Now I felt like falling. Falling and falling and falling and falling… It never ended I really feared I’ll end up like a bloody pancake on the ground. The changing surroundings didn’t help much if they didn’t make it worse. I felt like falling through the world. After, I suddenly stopped in the air. I was floating and the Yoshi head came back. Creepier than before. It was drooling Niagara Falls out of his toothless mouth. It whiffed on me and I was petrified. After a while it went back to a normal Yoshi head and smiled on me. It smiled on me but I never saw such a disturbing smile. This smile changed friendly as it turned away but I could see it changing back to this mad laugher type as it walked away. Not only that, it switched back to its rotting form and afar, I could see my mates covering as it closed in to them. Clearly they must have had experienced much worse than me. I wanted to scream at them, warn them of the mad monster coming but no voice came out. Lastly I woke up, not seeing what actually happened and I had some blood on my back head. It must have been the hit on the table and it occurred to me, like a bad mushroom trip. I was looking around, checking on my pals but they were not here, where they were supposed to lie, only dotted eggs, like those of Yoshi, were to see.

With all the stuff we had on us, we had no first-aid kid, a very important thing and blood still dripped from my head, it arched. Seeing the eggs I thought it’s some kind of prank, they knew my liking to Yoshi. Seeing me lying there, between the opened and emptied chips bags, they probably couldn’t see my wound and wanted to play a trick on me, or they planned it all along. I didn’t care and left the cottage. I needed wound treating, wherever they may hide, I had no time for playing hide-and-seek. Unfortunately, I fell over the same outstanding root from my arrival and rolled down the slope. I must have been pretty lucky though, it felt like an egg shell protected me along the way and I didn’t take any more injuries. Some hiker found me and called an ambulance. He treated me and only later I was picked up. My classmates vanished.

When I was asked, I told only about them all sleeping and me hitting my head and that, since everyone was away and I needed treatment. I explained that I just wanted to leave the cabin for a bit to get it. A car driver or a hiker should have some bandage for me, so I wouldn’t need to call the emergency line. They believed me and even if they hadn’t, there was still the evidence from my crash with the table due the blood puddle below. The other parts of the story they had probably doubted and maybe even declared me a mad killer or so with my friends not there and all. They were never found.

Mark this as a warning. Be nice to Yoshi or the vengeful Yoshi demon comes for you. The whole thing also could just be a story of a drunk and only coincidently, I haven’t seen them since that weekend. Believe what you want but don’t say I didn’t warn you, when the “Yoshi man” comes after you.

A vengeful Yoshi is somewhere out in the world and searches prey. It hunts for Yoshi abuser and you might be next. Heed my warning or you die in a horrible manner. I believe this all to be true. I lived through it but you might not be so lucky.
Mario Creepypasta: Vengeful Yoshi's
You know, I hate it when people playing Mario games intentionally abandon poor Yoshi into certain death. This spite inspired me for this Creepypasta. I hope you enjoy or enjoyed it or rather it scares or scared you. Depending if you rather read the creator comment first or the content itself. Don't hesitate to give me your thoughts. I'm curious how well I wrote that.
Have a nice day and remember, keep your Yoshi safe, by all means.


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So, I finally came around watching the movie aaaaand it's sweet, it's awesome and I love it. Only thing bugging me was that the one or other scene (especially where Naruto tries to confess) seemed a little bit mistimed and random but that's nitpicking. However, I wish the had shown 5 or 10 more minutes of the actual marriage ceremony, just for a even better feeling of conclusion, then again, nitpicking. I just imagine it myself, how it could have been and have fun (maybe end up writing a little fanfic about it).

That's all I wanted to say and if you like Naruto and haven't seen that movie yet (why would you), I highly recommend you doing so. Even if you never supported NaruHina.
Have a nice time (and don't melt in the heat).

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